After moving into lenses with the acquisition of Jay Kudo, the Millmead Optical Group of the U.K. has made an unspecified investment in Continental Eyewear. A public statement says that Millmead will give Continental access to its own logistics platform in the U.K. and to its international distribution network.

The statement also says that the production, sales and marketing teams will remain separate, but synergies are expected on the international sales front as the two companies' offerings are complementary.

Continental Eyewear, which has been in the market for over 30 years, is a major supplier of quality frames in the U.K., and its products are already distributed in more than 40 countries through a network of agents, distributors and retailers. Cameo, Jaeger and Matrix are among its main brands.

Millmead is the recently rebranded Yakira Group, whose holdings include the Optoplast Actman Eyewear Company. As a group, it offers private label and licensed eyewear globally along with optical tools, consumables, reading glasses, lenses, optical cases and packaging.

The family-run business has been in the eyewear industry for more than 70 years, starting with the establishment of the Optoplast Manufacturing Company in Guildford in 1946. It moved to Liverpool in 1982. It then opened offices in Hong Kong and Germany.

The group expanded into lenses last year by acquiring the Jay Kudo group in two stages (see Eyewear Intelligence vol. 17-9 of July 4, 2016 and vol. 16-6+7 of May 4, 2017).