OXO Italia Optocoop, an optical retail consortium with 400 retailers belonging to 15 cooperatives and operating 440 stores, has signed a co-marketing agreement with Pelikan, the historic brand of writing products. The purpose is to raise awareness among families with children in school of the importance of writing implements that favor a correct grip, which is crucial for a child's posture and vision. By current estimates, 25 percent of schoolchildren suffer from visual disorders that impair their ability to concentrate, read and learn. From June to September, OXO's opticians will be addressing the students' vision and preparing complete eyewear sets for them – with frames and lenses suitable for the needs of today's schoolchildren. They will then be able to use a simple “game” and the innovative Pelikan Griffix pen to show the correct grip to children and adolescents to improve their well-being in terms of vision and posture. OXO Optocoop estimates that the cooperatives affiliated with the consortium achieved a sell-in value of €40 million to €45 million in 2018.