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    Paris Miki sales down 9% last year


    Paris Miki Holdings , the Japanese-based optical retailer, reported Q4 revenues of 10,691 million Japanese yen (€80.3m-$98.2m), representing a slight 0.5 percent increase from Q4 2020. However, the partial recovery in the second half of the fiscal year could not offset the double-digit revenue drops in Q1 and Q2, leading ...

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    Eyewear industry stocks grew by 6% in 2020


    We are publishing here for the first time our ranking of the main stock-listed eyewear industry companies, based on their stock market capitalization in euros at the end of 2020. The corresponding table also shows the change in market value from the previous year, both in local currency and euros. ...

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    Japan exits state of emergency cautiously


    After lifting a mild state of emergency, which enabled smaller retailers to remain open, Japan is cautiously turning back to normal but the eyewear industry remains under pressure.

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    Paris Miki annual sales down by 1.4%


    Paris Miki , the Japanese optical retail group, reported annual revenues of 48,307 million yen (€396.0m-$443.6m) for its fiscal year ending March 31, representing a 1.4 percent decrease from the previous year. Comparable store sales were however, up by 0.5 percent. The company reduced its number of stores by 54 ...