Peek Vision, a British social enterprise that develops technology and partnerships to provide sustainable access to eye care, has joined forces with the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM), the international non-profit organization for the blind. Being cost-effective and portable, Peek Vision's solutions can reach people in remote areas. Peek is a hybrid of two entities. The Peek Vision Foundation, a registered charity in the U.K., wholly owns the trading company Peek Vision Ltd, which is a legal manufacturer of medical devices and develops products to provide eye care to people worldwide. All profits generated by the company's activities ultimately belong to the Foundation. Peek Vision and CBM's first pilot project was launched in Pakistan, with Peek Vision developing the software and supplying the project's guidance and support. CBM, meanwhile, works with local partners on implementation. Thanks to an app developed by Peek Vision, people with no expertise in eye care can undertake preliminary tests before sending patients to an optician, if eye problems are detected. In Pakistan, 13,000 people have been examined with the app. CBM is already expanding the project's reach within Pakistan and into Zimbabwe. It is also scouting other countries for implementation.