Riccardo Perdomi, general manager and chief executive of Salmoiraghi & Viganò, has left these functions to take up the position of vice president of the group at the request of the president and owner of the company, Dino Tabacchi. The CEO function has been abolished and Franca Dallara, former CEO of VistaSi and former joint general manager of the group, will act as its sole managing director.

Perdomi's new responsibilities will include developing the group's institutional relationships and its expansion strategies. Since his arrival in 1985, Perdomi has risen steadily through the ranks, contributing significantly to the group's growth from revenues of €12 million with 70 outlets to its current revenues of €179 million with a total of 480 stores. Before Tabacchi acquired the chain in 2002, Perdomi was the most prominent member of the group's management team.

For the past three years Perdomi has also presided over Kentral, the buying consortium established together with Vision Service Group to obtain preferential conditions from suppliers thanks to their combined force of over 1,300 outlets. Perdomi is expected to retain this responsibility as it fits nicely with his strategic responsibilities with Salmoiraghi.

With around 480 outlets throughout Italy, and revenues amounting to €178.8 million in 2008, Salmoiraghi & Viganò is Italy's largest optical chain. On top of Salmoiraghi's 318 middle-to top-end outlets, the group includes the lower end VistaSi and Spacciocchiali banners.