Pramaor, the company with the “all Italian all titanium” marketing slogan, closed 2010 with a turnover of €2 million, up by 60 percent over 2009, compared with growth of 11.8 percent the previous year. The two house brands, Blackfin and Bioeyes, launched two years ago, contributed to this performance with growth of 75 percent. The order books indicate that the company should grow by a further 40 percent in 2011, reaching sales of about €3 million. Corrado Rosson has been appointed head of the style office and product development. After 40 years in business, the Italian company is revamping its Mido stand. The booth will appear as a huge titanium box with a special logo for the 40-year anniversary, with special digital mirrors that can store the images of customers trying out different eyeglass styles. These can then be sent via e-mail or social networking site directly from the stand.