Bollé, the French manufacturer of sports and lifestyle sunglasses, ski goggles and ski and bike helmets, is offering its customers for the first time an augmented reality (AR) tool for smartphones to try on and test its lenses and sunglasses.
Developed in partnership with QReal and M7 Innovations, Bollé’s AR experience is a first for the sunglasses industry. Within Instagram, users can try out Bollé’s Phantom lens through one of the brand’s most famous models - the Chronoshield. After seeing the glasses on their face, users simply turn their smartphone’s camera from self view to front view and experience vision through Phantom lenses. “AR is routinely used for try-on and certainly enhances the buying experience. But AR for try-out is a first,” said Louis Cisti, vice president of global marketing for Bollé Brands. It allows users to see sunglasses effects such as contrast enhancement, anti-fogging and photochromism in their real-world environment. Once the user has selected a lens, he can search for a Bollé dealer who carries the lens.
The new technology is particularly helpful in the current situation. “In the new normal of retail, Bollé recognizes that security is now the most important thing. Consumers demand shopping encounters that minimize physical interaction. But when it comes to buying premium sunglasses, they still have high expectations and expect tangible benefits. Bollé’s AR test makes all this possible. Shoppers get tangible performance benefits before they make a purchase,” Cisti continues.
QReal is a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, and comes from the AR representation of kitchens. M7 Innovations is an New York-based creative firm that works on solutions that leverage artificial intelligence, voice technology, augmented reality and virtual reality.