EnChroma of Berkeley, California, is releasing a new series of lenses and eyewear, called Lx Lens Technology, designed for those with visual impairment severe enough to be termed “low vision” (from cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.) and for people 50 and older who are particularly sensitive to glare or suffer from day blindness. The lenses use a spectral filter – blocking blue light as well as all UV light – to cut glare while boosting contrast and color. For the company’s co-founder and chief executive, Tony Dykes, the series presents the first “comprehensive solution” to age-related vision impairments, for which people have generally been resorting to the imperfect solution of dark lenses. There are four types of Lx lenses: Light Amber (80 percent light transmission) for low light, screens and night; Copper (36 percent) for indoor/outdoor use; Chestnut (12 percent) for outdoor use and strong glare; and Deep Chestnut (3 percent) for very strong glare and special conditions. The series is available at enchroma.com and selected retailers. Non-prescription glasses cost $279 to $429.