Prodways Group, a French-based supplier of industrial 3D printing solutions including machines, software and materials, announced earlier this week the delivery of a second 3D printer to the research and development division of Essilor. The two companies started collaborating in 2018 with the aim of applying Prodways’ patented MOVINGLight technology to the production of 3D-printed lenses. According to the company’s presentation, its technology consists in a photopolymerization process whereby the photosensitive resins used by the 3D printer are polymerized with moving UV rays, allowing the production of high-resolution objects at high speed. Prodways’ products and solutions find applications in many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical - in particular with dental protheses - and consumer products such as footwear soles. Listed on Euronext Paris, Prodways posted revenues of €57.2 million for its 2020 fiscal year.