After two years of clinical trials on 167 myopic children in collaboration with the Wenzhou Medical University in China, Essilor will present next month new results for its Essilor Stellest lens’ performance in the reduction of myopia progression among children. According to preliminary information communicated by the French lens maker, the Stellest lenses slow down the progress of myopia by 67 percent as compared to single vision lenses, when worn at least 12 hours per day. Other significant results for the research show that, after one year, the eye growth of 90 percent of the children was similar or slower than for children without myopia and that two thirds of the children wearing Stellest lenses did not need a prescription change. The detailed results will be presented on next May 6 at the meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology in Wenzhou by Bao Jinhua, associate professor of the partner university.