Hoya Vision Care presented an update of its MiYoSmart research on children’s myopia management during the national congress of the French ophthalmologists’ association last month. The presentation, which came after three years of research in partnership with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, largely confirmed previous results communicated in 2019: The myopia progression of children equipped with the MiYoSmart lens is slowed down by 69 percent after one year and by 59 percent after two years, as compared to a group of children wearing single vision lenses. Similarly, the elongation of the eye of the children using MiYoSmart was reduced by 66 percent after one year and 60 percent after two years. The new results presented by the company also showed that, after 36 months, their myopia has increased by only 0.52D and their eyes have stretched by only 0.1 mm per year. Children in the other group who had been wearing single vision lenses in the first two years of the study have switched to the MiYoSmart for the third year, during which their myopia progression was limited to 0.05D as compared to an average of 0.43D per year in the previous two years.