The Canadian optical chain New Look Eyewear is embarking on a marketing campaign with the Sea2See brand. Conducted in English and French, the campaign will feature the latest Sea2See eyewear, all of which is designed for the circular economy. The frames are made in Italy and entirely from marine plastic upcycled into pellets trademarked under the name UpSea Plast. The material has received gold certification from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, headquartered in Oakland, California, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The New Look x Sea2see campaign has been endorsed by Jessie Nadeau, a Canadian vegan activist who is the president and co-founder of @veganemaispasplate. New Look operates about 87 stores in the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Sea2See was founded in 2016 and offers about 185 ophthalmic and sun models. Its flagship store opened this February in Barcelona, Spain.