Bode Miller, the most decorated American skier in history, has agreed to a long-term partnership with Revo, the 35-year-old brand of high-performance sunglasses, which has just come out with a new co-branded capsule collection of high-performance snow goggles. Miller, who previously wore various brands of ski goggles without endorsing any of them, has been named “global brand ambassador of winter sports” for the brand. The terms of the partnership could not be learnt.

The line, which consists of only two models, is set to be followed by a special collection of sunglasses for running, mountain biking and other outdoor sports in the spring of 2021. Revo offered snow goggles for one season some time ago, but then stopped the program to focus on sunglasses.

Revo said that Miller made a significant contribution to the development of its new “Revo x Bode Miller Goggles.” They feature the brand’s high-contrast polarized Serillium+ lenses combined with a new photochromic lens technology that adjusts them automatically to every light condition. Made of impact-resistant nylon, the lenses also use Revo’s Light Management System, which filters harmful UV, HEC and Blue Light radiation while reducing glare and enhancing the clarity of digital screens. It was first developed by NASA to protect astronauts from solar radiation.

The capsule collection consists of only two styles with a few selected lens colors. They can be integrated with most kinds of helmets and can be fitted with prescription lenses through a custom insert.

Starting on Dec. 1, the line has become available on a dedicated Bode Miller shop on Revo’s websites, charging customers in U.S. dollars or in local currencies in France, Italy and Spain. Germany will come next. In the U.S., the goggles carry a unit price of $229. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Miller’s Turtle Ridge Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports adaptive and youth sports programs.

Miller, a two-time overall World Cup champion and six-time Olympic medalist, will wear Revo in social media campaigns and in public appearances on and off the now slopes.

Cliff Robinson, chief executive of Revo, told us that he was hoping to keep the same 30 percent sales growth trend as in previous years, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, as alpine ski resorts continue to be open at least in the U.S., with some restrictions. An increase of more than 300 percent in online sales has helped to keep the momentum so far this year, with the digital channel representing close to 50 percent of the turnover compared with 20 percent in 2019.

B Robinson bought out the rights to the Revo brand in 2018. It had been licensing it for eyewear since 2013 from the Sequential Brand Group, which had previously bought it from Luxottica to develop it in other sectors as well.