Safilens’ new contact lenses, called Delivery Tyro, dose the eye with synthesized versions of substances found in plants and microbes to effect a “normalization” of the eye’s development, especially in children and young adults. The company is calling these substances lachryceuticals: literally, tear drugs. In particular, Delivery Tyro lenses release tyrosine, a semi-essential amino acid precursor of various hormones and neurotransmitters (catecholamines). Safilens has been working on this with the Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto, patenting the manufacturing techniques. According to Optometry Today, the company’s patent for the controled release of substances from a contact lens dates to 2005. A chief substance with Delivery Tyro is dopamine, whose presence “inside the retina has been shown to have an important normalizing effect in ocular development, in particular an inhibitory effect on the elongation of the eyeball.” In other words, it appears to help with myopia. Tyrosine, moreover, works well with the body’s physiology because it is already present in blood plasma, and can therefore overcome the blood-brain barrier. According to Optometry Today, the Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto will be conducting further studies over the next year or two while Safilens establishes a ”pipeline to develop new products and introduce new elements to the Delivery family.”