Edel-Optics has invested €3 million in its new flagship store, located at Ballindamm 33 in Hamburg, Germany. The location, opened in late November after nine months of construction, enables customers to be served by opticians or by Temi personal robots and offers a selection of 250,000 items from the integrated logistics center, which serves the store and the online platform. The warehouse itself has 17 robots and contains an inventory worth about €2 million.

The retailer has also fitted its eyewear with radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips to ease stock management.

The company’s managing director, Dennis Martens, explained that customers can click on an iPad after choosing an item on the store’s shelves and a robot will bring it in different colors and sizes. Management claims that Edel-Optics is the first company in Europe to offer such a service. 

To attract customers into the store, Edel-Optics has installed a screen in the front window that captures the pictures of passersby and projects a pair of glasses onto their faces.

The company was founded in 2009 by Martens and Tomislav Karajica. It has online stores in 53 countries and five brick-and-mortar shops in Hamburg’s metropolitan area.

Edel-Optics posted sales of €23 million in 2019 and expects significant growth this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on sales.