Non-essential stores reopened in England on June 15 amid concern that consumers will be absent, as a majority of people, 54 percent, remain opposed to the reopening. They are particularly reluctant to returning to shopping centers.

A survey carried out last week by indicates that 72 percent of respondents are not willing to return to shopping in a store. It shows that 22 percent believe it will take up to a month before they feel comfortable entering a store, while 64 percent expect it will require one to two months and the rest might wait longer.

Online continues to play an important role in consumers’ habits, with 36 percent of interviewees saying they will continue to give priority to online shopping and 49 percent will consider online shopping before going to stores. Nearly half of the respondents expect that retailers will have difficulties in remaining in business.

Stores were allowed to reopen earlier this month in Northern Ireland, but no dates have been set yet for Scotland and Wales.