As part of the new Covid-19 regulations implemented by the French government on Jan. 30, all shops operating in malls of 20,000 square meters and more have to close, to the exception of food retailers and pharmacies, but not opticians. All optical shops, regardless of their locations, had been considered as providing essential services and were therefore allowed to operate during the previous lockdowns. According to the Rassemblement des Opticiens de France (ROF), a French opticians’ association, this new measure forced about 1,500 optical shops to bring their curtain down until further notice. It should mostly impact the largest optical chains as independent opticians rarely operate in large malls. Olivier Henry, Alain Afflelou’s general manager, said in an interview with Acuité that 16 percent of the optical chain’s shops were located in such malls. In a press release, the Optic 2000 group communicated that 70 of its 1,400 shops under the Optic 2000 or Lissac banner had to shut down. The ROF sent an official request to the French government, asking for a waiver for opticians.