Russia’s biggest eyewear retailer, Happy Look, has opened five flagship stores. Four are located in St. Petersburg and one in Yekaterinburg.

Happy Look describes its flagship stores as “megastores.” On average, they have 200 square meters of shopping space showing at least 2,000 items.

But, Happy Look’s biggest flagship in St. Petersburg occupies 875 square meters, offering customers 8,000 items, and is believed to be the biggest eyewear store currently in Russia. Usually, the company’s conventional stores are about 60 square meters, in line with most other retailers’ eyewear stores.

The megastore format enables offering a wide range of contact lenses, sunglasses, and prescription frames as well as ophthalmological services in one place, the company explained. The flagships also offer a cozy waiting area with sofas, a children’s playroom, and a mini-cafe. The shopping floor is divided into segments, with the economy and premium segments located in different areas.

Happy Look plans to launch more flagships. The company currently operates a network of some 200 stores in Russia.