Rêv, a French buying group with nearly 280 affiliated stores, is undergoing a wave of changes under its new president and controlling shareholder, Caroline Ricq, who succeeded Robert Foucher, the former president, in March. She intends to improve the French voluntary group's image, sales conditions and positioning by redefining the four banners - Rêv, Rêvaudio, Neroptique and Kiavue and by launching new initiatives. In particular, the Kiavue brand will be made more affordable, without becoming a discount brand.

Ricq has signed a one-year exclusive licence with Dunlop to sell a solar sports fashion collection in France. Last month she ran a new campaign featuring two ?seventies-styled posters in its opticians' outlets promoting the aesthetic benefits of colorless and color contact lenses. Another more classical initiative consists in offering a second pair from the Recto-Verso collection of 72 models to Rêv's members. A communication campaign for the latter will be launched in the Fall, involving some direct marketing.

Since becoming Rêv's president, Ricq has bought 70 percent of the French voluntary group's equity for an undisclosed figure from Foucher and his former partners, Claude Marx and Roger Febvay. The remaining 30 percent is owned by Rêv's independent retail members. Before joining Rêv, Ricq was commercial director at a French advertising agency, Meura. Rêv has 277 stores (including 7 Kiavue and 35 Neroptique) and 47 Rêvaudio centers and achieved a turnover of €30.8 million before tax in 2003 compared with €27.8 million in 2002.