Revo, the American brand of sunglasses, is launching a program aimed at collecting $10 million to improve access to eye screening and vision correction for more than five million people in disadvantaged communities around the world. For every pair purchased by consumers, it will donate $10 to the Brien Holden Vision Institute, which aims to prevent impaired vision and preventable blindness for more than 50 million children by 2020. A small portion of the funds will be spent on medical research.

Bono, the 54-year-old frontman of the popular Irish U2 pop rock band, has agreed to partner with Revo to promote the initiative, called “Buy Vision, Give Sight,” through advertisements and various campaigns as part of a four-year contract.

One reason for Bono to get involved is the fact that he was diagnosed with glaucoma 20 years ago. Good medical care has prevented him from going blind, but he still wears his characteristic dark glasses because of this eye disorder. Bono, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, has been very active in other causes such as the fight against poverty and HIV/Aids.

The partnership between Revo and Bono is coinciding with U2's current world tour, where the famous singer will exclusively wear Revo sunglasses. The tour has already started in the U.S. and will also cover major European cities like Paris, Munich and Barcelona from September. A special line of five styles of sunglasses signed by Bono will come out in the autumn, with lenses in different colors using Revo's special technology. They will be available from Revo's website and at specialty stores around the world.

Sequential Brands bought Revo from Luxottica a year and a half ago. Its eyewear licensee, B. Robinson, has signed distribution deals for the brand in almost every country around the world with only a few exceptions such as Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Sales of Revo sunglasses have reached an annual level of around 500,000 pieces, with about 10 percent of them sold in sports and outdoor specialty shops. The brand plans to make a special push in this segment next year.