Robert (Bob) Shyer, former chairman of Zyloware, died on Dec. 19, aged 86. He and his brother Henry took over in 1968 the management of the company, which is the oldest family-owned American eyewear supplier, founded by their father Joseph with a plant in Long Island City in 1923.  Bob Shyer is credited with developing the first commercial nylon frame in the 1960s. He is also credited with the launch of the first eyewear brand named after an American fashion designer, Gloria Vanderbilt, in 1976, and the first eyewear line named after a celebrity, Sophia Loren, in 1980. Two years later, Zyloware launched Stetson Eyewear, recognized as the first licensed eyewear line for men. Among other positions in the American vision care industry, Bob Shyer served twice as president of the Optical Manufacturers Association, which had been founded by his father. He then co-founded The Vision Council and ran it from 1989 to 1992.