Rodenstock is launching a unique 3D television commercial in November to promote its ?3rd dimension of spectacles? in near vision, distance vision and television. Claiming to be the first company in the consumer industry to use a 3D commercial on German TV, Rodenstock decided to create the advertising campaign in order to visualize the performance properties of its spectacle lenses to a mass audience. The commercial has been produced in co-operation with Kabel 1, a German TV station, as part of the Kabel 1 3D week scheduled for Nov. 7-14. The week will see Rodenstock distributing around 2.4 million pairs of 3D spectacles to viewers so they can appreciate the 3D effects. A further 250,000 red and green anaglyphic spectacles will be freely available in the stores of selected opticians from the end of October. The German company will be showing a documentary on the shooting of the Rodenstock commercial, titled ?Making of?.?. It is also taking out advertising on the internet, in Germany's TV Movie magazine, newspapers such as Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Welt, and German TV stations such as Kabel 1, Sat 1, Pro 7 and N24.