Rodenstock reports strong interest by French retailers in a new package of 4 high-end spectacles being merchandised as ?Must" products for demanding customers who look for turnkey solutions and the best possible characteristics in frames and lenses. The package comprises 4 frames with 1.74-index ultrathin organic lenses using Rodenstock's Individual Lens Technology (ILT) and 1.9-index mineral lenses

Offered in a highly visible cube, the new package capitalizes on the German image of seriousness, quality and reliability. It's being offered for the moment only in France, where the company antagonized many customers last year, leading to financial losses, because of late deliveries and unheeded customer claims related to a temporary peeling-off problem for its Solitaire range of tinted glasses. The new manager of Rodenstock France, Bernard Galant, is trying to rebuild the company's image at the top end of the market, joining Zeiss in cultivating this segment in France, but the company's upgrading effort is much broader-based.

Rodenstock will shortly announce a different new merchandising concept in Germany, underlining its attempt to offer the perfect fit for the individual wearer through the combination of its own unique expertise in the design of both lenses and frames. For Randolf Rodenstock, who is married to a psychologist, the idea is to help the end customer to ?create his or her own face? and to ?support what he or she wants to be? instead of looking like someone else. Meanwhile, Rodenstock is launching a big international marketing campaign to stress the seriousness of the brand, using black and white in its ads and posters. Just before the Silmo fair in Paris, the campaign started to run also on TV in Germany and in Holland.