Rodenstock is creating a network of franchised lab partners in North America as part of its new corporate strategy there. The labs will manufacture the company's Impression free-form multifocal ophthalmic lenses. To make sure the lenses meet Rodenstock standards, it will require the labs to install a device to inspect the lens surfaces.

The new arrangement follows the end of a deal with Pro Fit Optix, the U.S. company run by Ruedi Suter, whose core business has been growing sharply, for the distribution of semi-finished Rodenstock lens blanks and frames, planning instead to focus on its core areas: free-form lenses, in the form of Identity and Acuity products; ProFitCalc software; and complete eyewear, SmartEyewear, as well as new products and services for its customers.

The Rodenstock agreement came to an end as of July 15. Pro Fit planned to ship from its current stocks as available, but was not going to backorder.