After settling its debt (see previous issue), Rodenstock Group is restructuring its management in an effort to better integrate its sales and marketing departments so they work better for their relevant markets, and to increase effectiveness and competitiveness. The company's recently appointed chief executive, Oliver Kastalio, will be directly responsible for all sales and marketing units as well as human resources. Marc-Oliver Schneider, the group's chief sales officer from Bosch, is leaving the company and his position is being eliminated.

The Rodenstock Group will be restructured into three areas. One will be in charge of the eyewear and lenses operations. Another will coordinate global commercial operations, in charge of communications between the company's headquarters and its offices in other countries worldwide, and the third entity will be in charge of sales. This final area will be broken down into four main units: one for Germany, one for the rest of Europe, one for Asia and one called global emerging opportunities.