Rolf Spectacles, the pioneering Tyrolean brand of wooden glasses, launched a new brand of glasses made of horn, called MonoCeros, at this year's Silmo show in Paris. Made out of one single piece of horn sourced from India, they are manufactured in Austria at the company's own plant and are priced at €521 for opticians and between €1,500 and €1,700 for end consumers. The new MonoCeros collection currently includes 15 different styles, based on Rolf's bestsellers from its wooden eyewear collection, available in two different colors. Rolf has set up a distinctive homepage for its new brand, which will be sold via Rolf's distribution network. The company is selling directly in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands and in the U.S., where it set up a subsidiary in New York in June 2015. Rolf has its own store in Vienna and plans to open a mono-brand store in New York in the course of 2017. The company works with about 600-800 clients worldwide.