Safilo and Luxottica have seen their stock market quotations heat up over the past few weeks. Safilo's share price, which had fallen to €3.14 in mid-June, subsequently went up but then declined below the threshold of €3.60 at the beginning of August. Some analysts noted some positive signals, recommending a target price of more than €3.70 that has actually reached and surpassed on Aug. 22, although Goldman Sachs had cut down its earnings projections for 2006 and 2007 after the bad news about the company's operating results for the 1st half, considering that the new management was starting from a new platform. Safilo's share price fell again to €3.50-3.60 at the beginning of September. Instead the stock market price of Luxottica continued to improve from €20 in July to around €23 at the beginning of September. Merrill Lynch raised its target price from €25.8 to €26.7 at the end of August, confirming its ?buy? rating on the grounds that its retail margins should continue to increase in the medium term, while cash flow will likely expand and debt will probably decline. Luxottica's share price, which was worth only about €14 when Andrea Guerra was appointed as chief executive of the group two years ago, closed at €22.61 today.