Safilo's annual shareholders meeting saw the reappointment of Roberto Vedovotto as the group's chief executive. Vedovotto has been the company's managing director since December 2008. He has served as co-chief executive officer since 2002.

The position of chairman of the board will be held by Robert Polet, former president of Gucci Group. He was the first candidate of the majority list presented by Multibrands Italy, the company controlled by Hal Holding that holds a total of 26,073,783 ordinary shares of the Safilo Group, equal to 42.23 percent of the share capital, with the right to vote in the shareholders' meeting.

The new board was expanded to nine members to include, from the majority list, in addition to Polet and Vedovotto, Melchert F. Groot, Giovanni Ciserani, Jeffrey A. Cole, Marco Jesi, Eugenio Razelli and Luisa Deplazes de Andreade Delgado. Groot, who is the executive director of Hal Holding, was previously non-executive chairman of Safilo. He and Cole temporarily resigned from the board in June to make place for new members of the international business community.

From the minority list, presented by Only 3T, the board elected Massimiliano Tabacchi, the son of the group's former chairman and chief executive, Vittorio Tabacchi, who acted as CEO of Safilo until the end of 2008, when he was replaced by Vedovotto. Only 3T holds the remaining 9.22 percent of the share capital owned by the Tabacchi family, which controlled the company until its recapitalization through Hal in 2010.

The board of directors then appointed Razelli, Jesi and Massimiliano Tabacchi as the members of the internal control committee, and Groot, Cole and Jesi to the remuneration committee.

As of Aug. 7, the board members Vedovotto, Jesi, Cole and Tabacchi owned respectively 240,000; 10,000; 1,250; and 43,590 ordinary shares of Safilo Group.

The new board of directors will remain in office until Dec. 31, 2014.