Safilo has announced the launch of its Product School (“Scuola Prodotto Safilo”). Starting in 2015, the school will be offering a three-year apprenticeship program to up to 10 young professionals every year. The school curriculum focuses on product creation and all product-related functions including design, product development, prototyping, manufacturing, materials, quality, pricing, and product concept. The program also covers the development of managerial and behavioral skills, inspired by Safilo's approach to doing business. Safilo's idea is to form, through this new program, the next generations of eyewear product directors. The formal training will be administered in collaboration with national and international partners, i.e. universities, technical and optical product certification institutes and Safilo's customer and supplier network, supplemented by its own global management team. The school will enhance the legacy of Safilo's production site in Calalzo di Cadore, in Italy's northeast, which was the company's first establishment. Today the site contains more than 3,000 pieces of eyewear belonging to the company's museum and an archive of more than 250,000 pairs of eyewear, from the late 19th century to the present.