Salmoiraghi & Vigano, Italy's largest optical chain, earns a major chunk of its revenues in all product categories from its in-house brands. Some 35-40 percent of its sales of prescription eyewear sales are generated by 5 private brands. In the sunglass sector the figure drops to 5-10 percent, as the impact of the major brands is much bigger. Salmoiraghi's own line of prescription lenses account for 70 percent of sales in this segment, contact lenses for 65 percent and contact lens solutions for 80 percent of revenues. These products are exclusively available from directly owned or affiliated Salmoiraghi outlets. They cannot be acquired via the Kentral channel by members of the Vision Service buying group. Salmoiraghi recently launched a few new house brands for its own retail outlets, including sunglasses for men under the Luca Alberti brand name, prescription eyewear for women under the Eklé name and a unisex brand for young people called lxplit.