Satisloh North America has entered a distribution agreement with 3M under which it will distribute its 3M Leap III finishing pads as well as its 3M Surface Saver tape products. The 3M products are intended to complement the Weco finishing equipment that Satisloh recently began distributing to optical laboratories in the region. The deal makes Satisloh the second company authorized by 3M to distribute it products, the first being Signet Armorlite, the lens manufacturer based in California, which has been a longtime partner of the company.

At MIDO later this week, Satisloh will introduce three innovations. The All-Format Line, described as a fully integrated, automated and flexible lens surfacing system, can perform fully automated generating and polishing processes. The company says it can produce any complex surface. Open platform lab management software will be presented alongside the All-Format Line system. Additionally, the company will introduce the Top8, a small stand-alone coating chamber that provides up to eight lenses with super-hydrophobic top coat. Lastly, Satisloh will present what it says is a new high-end box coating process for providing high-index lenses with a hard coat, an AR coat and a top coat.