The British contact lens manufacturer has its Australasian dance card full for the next 12 months through a new agreement whereby it will provide its products to Specsavers, and only Specsavers in the region.

The situation is described as mostly a case of capacity. Sauflon just entered the Australian and New Zealand markets late last year and its manufacturing facilities there are still limited. Specsavers' orders stretch the limit of its capabilities, and Sauflon says that for the next year, it won't be able to supply anyone else for a while.

Sauflon makes daily and monthly silicone-hydrogen disposables, as well as multi-purpose and peroxide solutions. It makes a point of supplying only optometrists, not pharmacies or online retailers.

Eye care professionals in Australia and New Zealand have reacted favorably to Sauflon's products since their introduction in the region, though the company notes that the demand has been slow to pick up.

In other regions of the world, Sauflon is having problems keeping up with orders of silicone-hydrogen products. It recently inaugurated a new manufacturing plant in Hungary.

Specsavers will continue to work with other suppliers of contact lenses in the Australian and New Zealand market, where it is growing very fast. Neither Specsavers not Sauflon gave details of pricing or sales arrangements between them. Sauflon plans to expand its production lines for the region and return to normal service levels in the near future.