Scott Olivet has left his post as chief executive of Oakley, and will now be the company's chairman. As previously reported, Colin Baden has stepped into the CEO role in addition to his post as president. Olivet's role as chairman is a non-executive position with no formal reporting structure. He has been with Oakley since 2005, when he came in as CEO and a director. Before that he had been with Nike, The Gap and Bain & Company. He has now started up his own new company, Renegade Brands, that is supposed to look at investments in other companies. He will continue to work with Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, a digital movie camera maker started by Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley. Baden will report directly to Andrea Guerra, the CEO of Luxottica Group, which took over Oakley for $2.1 billion in 2007. He's been with Oakley since 1996, starting as director of design, then moving to vice president for design and then president in February 1999. Before joining the company he was with Lewis Architects in Seattle. He began to consult for Oakley on image and design in 1993.