Seiko has reported an operating loss of about 100 million yen (€75,000-$1,098,000) for its optical products business in the first quarter ended June 30, compared with breakeven results in the same period a year ago. Sales in the segment were down to 6.2 billion yen (€46.9m-$68.1m) from 7.0 billion yen. For the company as a whole, consolidated revenues fell to 33.1 billion yen (€250m-$363m) from 43.2 billion yen. The operating loss increased from 0.7 billion yen to 2.8 billion yen (€21.2-30.7m). There was an even higher net loss of 3.4 billion yen (€25.7m-$37.3m) for the group against breakeven results a year ago.