Sensimed has expanded its current collaboration in Japan with Seed, a Japanese contact lens maker. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies are joining forces to obtain the registration of the Sensimed Triggerfish, a soft disposable silicone contact lens featuring an embedded micro-sensor that captures spontaneous circumferential changes at the corneoscleral area. The system is said to provide an automated recording of the continuous and natural dimensional changes of the eye over 24 hours. The installation and removal of the lens on the patient is executed by the healthcare professional only. The two companies will conduct clinical activities in Japan, backed by a 10 million Swiss franc (€9.2m-$10.1m) financing deal. Seed reportedly contributed half of the funds and the current Sensimed investors matched this amount. The Sensimed Triggerfish platform technology obtained FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in March. Sensimed said it is also working toward validating the Triggerfish device to predict the course of glaucoma, a goal toward which the company is seeking a strategic partner in the U.S.