Residents and tourists in the Paris region will be able to get a new pair of high-tech lenses in four hours, made by Shamir through a new patent-pending process at a new laboratory installed at its French subsidiary's office in the suburban town of Collégien. Called Shamir InoTime, this rather disruptive service proposition will be a big plus for the opticians participating in the program, who will not have to install an in-house laboratory to do the job.

The French InoTime lab is starting with a daily output of 80 lenses. The system has already proven its worth in Lisbon, where the local regulations allow Shamir to use drones to deliver the lenses in only three hours. It has been so successful that Shamir had to expand the production to 160 lenses per day by adding more shifts and working on Sundays.

The project recently became operational also in Philadelphia, New York, Toronto and Singapore. The cities of Porto in Portugal and Naples in Italy should be next. A total of about ten laboratories should have a Shamir InoTime facility by the end of 2018.

The InoTime process allows Shamir's laboratories in Portugal, France, the U.S. and Singapore to supply customized freeform plano and sun lenses in polycarbonate in only a few hours, even for high base curve glasses, with a variety of coatings including those used for photochromatic or polarized lenses. They can be edged and mounted in Shamir's lab.

The system makes use of a pre-production process on the front of the lenses and their prismatic blocking for surfacing the back part. Some production time is also gained by pre-coating the semi-finished stock lenses, which are made by Essilor or by Shamir in Israel. The finishing process, which takes only one hour for the individual lens to go through all the stages prior to the shipment, has been developed in partnership with Satisloh, a subsidiary of the Essilor group, which owns 50 percent of the innovative Israel-based company.