Taking its cues from Essilor International, which is investing more than before in consumer-oriented advertising, Shamir Optical Industry has launched its first marketing campaign in France, with a TV spot and an initial budget of €100,000. Depending on the results, the initiative will be extended to other countries in Europe, and possibly elesewhere.

Essilor owns half of the shares in the Israeli-based company, and France is Shamir's largest market in Europe with annual sales of three million lenses and €30 million. Italy recently became the second-largest European market, following the acquisition of a local lens producer. We understand that Shamir is looking at possible acquisitions also in Germany and the U.K.

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Shamir France, a series of 340 video clips began to be aired on Sept. 15 on the LCI TV channel in connection with a talk show, 24 Hours en Questions. It is expected to generate 13 million views, and it will be backed by various marketing and merchandising activities on social networks and in some 5,000 French stores.

Using an English-language script, “A Wider Vision Can Enlarge Your Life,” the rather funny commercial features an optician going quickly through an horizontal version of the Monoyer Eye Chart where the letters are largest in the center. Referring to the company's ability to make high-basecurve lenses, the message of the spot is meant to blend functional and lifestyle elements of distinction. The message will also be relayed on ten screens in Shamir's booth at the Silmo fair starting tomorrow.