The Marcolin group announced today a licensing agreement with the Adidas Group for the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of two lines of eyewear that will reach the market early next year. A spokesperson for the Italian company said that the agreement is global, but there is an apparent discrepancy about the future name of one of the collections.

According to Marcolin, the more performance-oriented line will be called adidas Badge of Sport, but a spokesman for Adidas said it will be called adidas Sport. The more lifestyle-oriented line will go under the name adidas Originals, like the Adidas Group's more casual footwear and apparel products, which are more inspired by street culture.

Marcolin's announcement came shortly after Silhouette International, the Austrian company that has been Adidas' licensee for the past 25 years, said that it will come out with its own line of premium sports eyewear, starting in the autumn of 2019. Italia Independent took over the license for the adidas Originals line from Silhouette in 2015, but the company said a few months ago that this deal would not continue after the end of this year.

Silhouette noted in its press release that its technological expertise and its chic design have generated many awards and other accolades for its adidas Sport line. The company said it will make its new line of high-performance sports eyewear at its own headquarters in Linz, Austria, using a high degree of hand work to guarantee maximum comfort and fit. It said that frame and filter technologies are being developed to match each other perfectly to offer “outstanding quality and unparalleled precision.”

Silhouette's new line will became available in the autumn in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Spain, as well as from selected retailers in other parts of the European Alps.

Evidently, Slhouette is focusing more and more on its own brands, including its more creative Neubau line. Interestingly, Silhouette and Marcolin swapped licenses already in 2009, when the Italian company took over the Swarovski license from the Austrian company.