The successful Paris trade show has not yet reached the limits of growth. The number of square meters sold for SILMO's next session, scheduled for Oct. 27-30, has risen by 10 percent as compared to the year-ago edition. The number of exhibitors is set to grow to 950 from 910, thanks in part to a larger number of suppliers of machinery and components and to the opening of specialized new areas for suppliers of hearing aids and internet services, which are both involving a growing number of opticians. Another new area will showcase diagnostic equipment for optometrists.

Before the show, on Oct. 25-26, an international symposium on the fairgrounds will cover new development opportunities for materials, components and industrial processes, and outline future research projects. Special guests will be invited to a Saturday night gala at the older and nicer Paris Opera.

SILMO's organizers have also launched an interesting new European roadshow project, called Seen by SILMO. It will take next year about 100 international suppliers of high-end eyewear showing at SILMO to 4 European cities ? Lisbon in March, Barcelona in June, Berlin in August and Copenhagen in September ? for 2-day exhibitions in each city. Other European destinations will be picked for 2002.