Some Italian tourist destinations have become particularly zealous in applying fines for the purchase of counterfeit products. The seaside resort of Jesolo, in the Veneto region, has launched a campaign informing tourists and locals of the risk of being fined if caught buying counterfeit goods. A couple of €1,000 fines were imposed on tourists for buying a counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag and Christian Dior sunglasses. The seaside town of Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, also fined two women €200 for the purchase of counterfeit Prada bags. In 2008, the overall sale of counterfeit goods totaled €7 billion in Italy, according to a study carried out by the research institute Censis. According to Anfao, the Italian eyewear industry misses out on more than 15 percent in potential sales due to counterfeiting. In two years, about 2 million pairs of counterfeit glasses were seized in Italy by the police, it added. Fines for the purchase of counterfeit goods can reach up to €10,000. A national anti-counterfeiting day was held on July 7 throughout Italy to make customers aware of the presence, and dangers, of falsely labeled eyeglasses and sunglasses (see previous issue). It was organized by Confindustria with Certottica in Venice, with support from the Italian government and promotions by Anfao.