Thanks to eyewear and leathergoods, Italy's exports to the USA in the fashion sector are the second highest in the world. Italian eyewear exports to the USA grew by 14 percent in the first 10 months of 2007, compared with the same period last year, reaching a total of $450 million. Italian exports of leathergoods to the US are second only to China's, though Italy achieved an 18 percent increase year on year in 2007 compared to 5.69 percent for China. Italy's exports of men's apparel to the USA grew by 10 percent, reaching almost $600 million in 2007, while sales of women's fashion to the US grew by 7.4 percent to $517 million. China is the USA's leading supplier of men's clothing, with an annual total of $20 billion, followed by Mexico with $4.5 billion.