The Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) has announced that Brian Layland, chairman and director of the board, has resigned, effective Oct. 31. The board has elected Frank Back as the new chair while Sandra Bailey has assumed all of Layland's functions and powers as alternate director, with immediate effect. Frank Back has been a director since 1998 while Sandra Bailey holds a board position on the Brien Holden Foundation. Professor Layland has also resigned as a member of both the BHVI and the BHVI Foundation with immediate effect, the Institute said. The announcement of Professor Layland's resignation came after weeks of confusion around the payment of an A$1 million bonus to a long-serving employee last year. As reported by the Australian magazine Insight, the BHVI has now confirmed that it did award a bonus for a gross sum of A$1 million to an employee in August 2017, contradicting statements put forward by Layland on the occasion of previous exchanges with the magazine, in which he had told Insight that the bonus in question was “nowhere near” that figure. Professor Layland will remain involved with the institute. In addition to continuing his consultancy role, the institute said he has accepted a new position as patron of the institute.