The Carl Zeiss group has selected its new president and chief executive from within the group. On April 1, 2020, Karl Lamprecht will assume the two titles, succeeding in both cases Michael Kaschke, who has served for one decade and sat on the executive board for two. Kaschke will not be seeking reappointment on the expiration of his contract, which had been previously extended through next June 30. Lamprecht is currently a member of the Germany company's executive board and has led the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) segment since 2017. He was originally hired in 2005 to lead strategic business development for semiconductors. Markus Weber, head of Zeiss' Research Microscopy Solutions business unit, has been appointed to the executive board and will be taking charge of SMT on Oct. 1 of this year. Kaschke has been with the Zeiss group since 1992. He became a member of its executive board in 2000 and was made president and CEO in 2011. For a while, Kaschke also ran Zeiss' Vision Care and Consumer Optics business unit. He was replaced in that position by Matthias Metz five years ago.