The Catherine de' Medici 1533 (CDM) line of eyewear is establishing itself on the international market, and it has started to turn a profit. The company that markets the line was founded by Giovanni Accongiagioco in 2017 after he left Italia Independent, of which he was also a founder. The company that owns the brand, which operates in women's footwear, has granted Accongiagioco a license for the production and worldwide distribution of the brand's eyewear collections. For fiscal reasons, the company is divided into two subsidiaries, Catherine de' Medici Europe and Catherine de' Medici USA. Its models are sold in Europe, Canada and the U.S. The distribution is carried out directly through agents in Europe and the U.S. There are plans to open a mono-brand store in Turin. The company is investing 20 percent of its revenues into R&D. Prescription frames, mostly for women, account for 70 percent of the total production. The sunglasses are equipped with lenses by Zeiss and Essilor. All frames are made by companies in the Cadore area of the Veneto region. At the last Mido show, the company presented frames with a patented weave of three titanium wires. There is also a collection in acetate that fuses various materials. Prices for the final consumer range from €230 to € 300 per pair.