The Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) reports on the opening of one of the world's biggest hospitals for the blind in a former marsh area in Nepal. Inaugurated on Nov. 15 by Ram Baran Yadav, president of Nepal, it can treat up to 1,500 patients per day. The complex stems from a project initiated by CBM in 1982, when it sent two German doctors, Albrecht and Kristina Hennig, to Nepal to treat cataracts. They worked at a hospital located in a less accessible area at Lahar, 120 kilometers away, welcoming patients from Nepal and Northern India. Together with that facility, the new hospital in Biratnagar offers some 1,000 beds, representing one of the three largest facilities of the kind in the world. A total of 90,000 operations will be performed at the two clinics this year. Based in Switzerland, CBM handles a total of four projects in Nepal and 803 in 89 different countries.