The concept of facial scanning for the production of 3D customized eyewear is making further progress. Sfered Intelligence announced yesterday what it claims to be the first mirror-based 3D scanning system for the deployment and fitting of custom-made spectacles. Peter Tutuarima, CEO of Sfered, notes that customers tend to relax, straighten up and focus much more naturally in front of a mirror than if they are looking into a camera, leading to the collection of more accurate data. The high-speed system has been developed with a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, Fuel 3D. It will be demonstrated at the Silmo show starting tomorrow in collaboration with Monoqool, the Danish manufacturer of 3D-printed eyewear. The 180-degree scanner is being tested in select optical retail locations in Europe and should be available at retail by the end of 2016. Based in the Netherlands, Sfered is a four-year-old firm that patented an online customization platform in 2014 and then presented it at Silmo. Based in Denmark, Fuel3D is developing a 270-degrere scanning system with the support of the European Union.