The Design Eyewear Group, formerly known as ProDesign International, recorded sales of more than €50 million in 2015. The ProDesign brand represented 56 percent of the group's total sales, while Face à Face accounted for 27 percent, Woow for 9 percent and the Inface line for 8 percent. The Danish-based group expects its total sales to increase by 10 percent in 2016 as compared to 2015. Sales in North America represent 40 percent of the group's sales, while the French market accounts for 11 percent, Germany for 10 percent, the U.K. for 5 percent, Spain for 5 percent. The balance of 29 percent is sold in the rest of the world. All the group's brands are currently distributed together, but Nifties, a brand of women's glasses developed by Inface, will be distributed separately in the future.