The European Sunglass Association is developing a new marketing strategy to persuade consumers to make the right choices, considering that only about 20 percent of their sunglasses are bought from experienced opticians. Run by a new managing director, Petra Eckhardt, ESA is also offering more activities in the areas of statistical, technical and fashion information for its 80-odd members, which now include also the first companies from the Czech Republic and Poland. It has launched a new website, and published a new flyer based on a new corporate identity. ESA celebrated its 10th birthday with a sumptuous industry dinner for 150 guests in an ancient Milan palazzo during last month's MIDO show. It's now holding its annual conference at Lake Chiemsee in the next few days. One of the people registered to attend is Ken Frederik, president of the older Sunglass Association of America, which plans to work more closely with its European counterpart in the future. Frederik is looking for new challenges in the industry following his resignation last February as vice president of operations at Smith Sports Optics, the US-based subsidiary of Safilo Group.