The final tally from last October's SILMO fair shows a 20.35 percent increase in attendance from Asia to a total of 2,111 persons in spite of the French fair's vicinity in time to other eyewear shows in that part of the world. The number of Japanese visitors went up by 36.7 percent to 462, for example. Major increases were recorded from China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, probably due in part to the aftermath of the SARS epidemic, but there was a drop in attendance from Hong Kong. The influx of visitors from the USA and Canada grew by 10.58 and 9.57 percent, respectively, to a total of 1,275 people. Big increases were scored with East European countries such as Russia, which saw a 29.07 percent increase to 595 visitors. On the other hand, attendance from the Middle East was down by 2.44 percent and attendance from other European countries was nearly stable. A 5.37 percent drop to 1,481 visits from Germany was partly offset by slight increases in attendance from Italy and the UK, which sent over 1,477 and 1,173 individuals, respectively. The total number of visitors increased by 5.61 percent to 42,759, including a 1.95 percent increase in French attendance to 22,906 people.