German opticians saw their sales rise by 1.5 percent to an estimated €4,805 million in 2009, according their trade association, ZVA, which has changed its measurement criteria slightly. Sales of spectacles rose by 1.5 percent in volume to 11.2 million units and their value increased by 1.8 percent to €3,897 million, representing 81.2 percent of the opticians' total sales.

In terms of materials, metal frames dominated the market with a share of 71 percent. More and more ophthalmic lenses were sold in German stores, representing 85.1 percent of the total market as compared to 82.5 percent the year before.

Based on ZVA's new calculation criteria, the number of optical retail stores increased to 11,900 doors from 11,820 in 2008. They employed 48,800 persons, or 100 more than in the previous year, with a slightly higher unemployment rate of 2.3 percent. The number of apprentices grew by 4.9 percent to 6,092 people.